Approved PLS no. 214/2015

Agriculture and Land Reform Committee approved the report of Senator Waldemir Moka (MDB/MS) about the Senate Law Project no. 214/2015 (“PLS 214/2015”), written by Senator Álvaro Dias (Podemos/PR). Deliberation concluded for the rejection of amendments no. 2 and 3, proposed by the Plain of the Senate, and the approval of original text of PLS 214/2015. Now, the Project is at the Committee of Environment of the Senate, where has been distributed to Senator Acic Gurgacz (PDT/RO), to write his report. If fully approved, Project is sent to the Chamber of Deputies for appreciation. There, deputies may fully approve the Project, hypothesis that it will be submitted to presidential veto, or they may propose amendments to the Project, hypothesis that it returns to the Senate, when the legislative procedure restarts due to the possible amendments.

PLS 214/2015 provides for changes in Law no. 6.938/1981 (National Politics of Environment) to exclude forestry and economic exploitation of wood or firewood and forestry by-products from planted forests, from the list of potentially polluting activities and natural resources users.

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