DNPM makes available the draft for changing legislation regarding the closing of mines


The National Department of Mineral Production – DNPM made available to the public the draft of the proposed changes to the legislation that governs mining activity decomissioning and renounced mining titles.

The proposal aims to perfect the legislation of the Mining Regulatory Norms 20.4 and 20.5, which cotrol the Plan for Closing a Mine (PFM) and Renouncing the Concession of Development Rights. According to DNPM, the changes are intended to meet the needs of the regulating agencies so as to ensure the safety and guarantee the sustainability of the mining activity, thereby reducing the socioeconomic and environmental repercussions during the operational life of a mine as well as the impacts stemming from its closing.

The full text is available for public inquiry between April 24th and June 24th, 2017, during which the people can also submit their contribution to the agency.  Click here to see the draft (available in Portuguese).

Sion Advogados boasts a highly qualified legal team with ample experience in the areas of Mining law and Environmental Law. The firm is available to provide further clarification regarding the referenced legislative revision proposal.

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