Environmental Licensing simplification at Low Impact Activities in Rio de Janeiro



Was published, on January 12, the Resolution of the State Environmental Council – CONEMA n° 69, establishing simplified procedure for the environmental licensing of low impacts activities in Rio de Janeiro.

In compliance with the Resolution CONEMA, on 1January 19 was published an INEA Resolution (State Environmental Institute of Rio de Janeiro) n° 136, approving that simplified procedure of environmental licensing, under the INEA, which will be submitted projects and activities classified as low environmental impact.

The environmental licensing simplified procedure involves the issuance or renewal of the licensing document directly after the presentation of pre-defined documents and verifying the location of the activity or project, establishing validity conditions specified in advance.

May be subject to simplified procedure ventures on the list indicated in Annex I to the resolution and that does not affect specially protected areas, such as PPA – Permanent Preservation Areas; Legal Reserve and Protection Conservation Units Integral and Sustainable Use (in this case, when not in accordance with the Management Plan).

The team of Environmental Law from Sion Advogados is placed at your disposal for any clarification about those standards.

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