Decreto nº 47.580

Published Decree nº. 47.580/2018

It was recently published Decree no. 47.580, which establishes the Forest rate addressing issues related to the incidence, exemptions, taxpayer, collection, taxpayers’ obligations and procedures. The Decree enters into force

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DECRETO Nº 47.577

Published Decree nº. 47.577/2018

The Official Gazette of Minas Gerais State published on December 29, 2018 the Decree nº. 47.577, which deals with the enforceability and collection of administrative rate, regulated in item 6

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Approved PLS no. 214/2015

Agriculture and Land Reform Committee approved the report of Senator Waldemir Moka (MDB/MS) about the Senate Law Project no. 214/2015 (“PLS 214/2015”), written by Senator Álvaro Dias (Podemos/PR). Deliberation concluded

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Best Lawyers2
Office News

Recognition by the Best Lawyers

For the 5th year in a row, Best Lawyers guide listed founding partner of Sion Advogados, Alexandre Sion, among the most admired lawyers of Brazil, highlighting his acting in Natural

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External News

Published Decree creating ANM

Federal Decree no. 9,587/2018, which installs the awaited National Mining Agency – ANM and approves its regimental structure, was published yesterday, November 28th, 2018. The rule was expected by the

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