Note of gratitude – Ecoinfra 2016

ECOINFRA 2016-22


On 16 an 17 may, in Belo Horizonte, i was honoured with the opportunity of speaking among renowned professionals in the national scenario at Ecoinfra 2016 – Socioenvironmental management in infrastructure projects.

The event, prometed by by Viex Americas and whose Consultative Board I have the great pride to chair, has become the main meeting of environmental professions in the infrastructure sector.

On this opportunity, I express my gratitude to the organization, to the listeners and speakers, who contributed to the propositional debate.

Kind regards,

Alexandre Sion.


See below pictures of the event:


ECOINFRA 2016-100ECOINFRA 2016-101ECOINFRA 2016-72ECOINFRA 2016-137ECOINFRA 2016-70ECOINFRA 2016-68ECOINFRA 2016-23ECOINFRA 2016-20ECOINFRA 2016-151

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