Alexandre Sion

Lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in serving industries and capital-intensive and infrastructure companies, Alexandre Sion has been dedicated to supporting his clients in the most diverse subjects, leading a robust team of talented and experienced professionals, concerned with meeting enormous demands. dedication, commitment, expertise and quality.

Along this trajectory, Alexandre Sion has had the opportunity to face numerous cases of great scope and national repercussion. In order to continuously improve legal practice, our Founding Partner has an active role in the academic environment as a University Professor and with a wide range of publications, which include extremely relevant content for professionals in the area and for the academic and academic communities. professional. This space is reserved for the exhibition of publications and works developed during a long and experienced trajectory of dedication and donation to its clients and the production of legal knowledge.


Alexandre Sion - Publicações

Estudos de Direito Minerário

  Capítulo: Bloqueio de Áreas para Fins de Pesquisa e Lavra de Recursos Minerais Autor de Capítulo Descrição do livro:   Impulsionada pela mudança de

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