Sion Advogados is among the Most Admirable Law Firms in Brazil

Análise 500 – The Most Admirable brazilian Law Firms

Sion Advogados is among the 15 Most Admirable Law Firms in Brazil, in the Environmental are, under the Highly Specialized office category.

Yearbook 2012 – Advocacy Analysis 500 seeks to identity the most admirable law firms, among more than 30.000 law firms in the country.

According to the publication, the main legal executives of 1.787 companies, among the largest companies in Brazil, were invited to participate in the research that aimed to elect law firms. Out of this total, 764 companies, spread throughout the country, have answered.

500 law firms were elected, divided among 12 legal areas. In each of these areas, law firms are separated under three categories, to wit: Full Service, Wide Service and Specialized Service.

This recognition is a matter of great pride for us at Sion Advogados and a sign that we are on the right track, always anxious to provide a high quality and customized service, with permanent focus on the results to be achieved by our clients.

To those who have voted and daily supported and encouraged us, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

(1) Sion Advogados is a law firm specialized in the following areas of law: Environment, Mining, Contracts, Real Estate (access release), Corporate and Merger and Acquisitions. In addition to the 15 elected firms, alphabetically and not by ranting, under Environmental Specialization category, it was elected, in the same segment, 19 offices for each one of the following categories: Full Service and Wide Service.

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