Sion Advogados offers high and appropriate business solutions for national and foreign clients through a talent and qualified team, with wide experience in capital intensive developments and infrastructure.


Sion Advogados is your trusted partner when it comes to managing environmental risk, including undertaking environmental due diligence, ensuring environmental regulatory compliance, preventing and defending against regulatory prosecutions, pursuing or defending environmental civil claims, structuring transactions involving environmental risk, and keeping up with this fast-moving area of the law. Our global environmental law team understands that clients seeking high-quality legal advice require lawyers with an in-depth understanding of environmental laws, policy and regulation, both at a global and domestic level. Our lawyers include legal planners, negotiators, former regulators, and advocates who have the expertise that comes with deep experience and an understanding of the complex issues that face corporate decision makers, lenders, and regulators. From air and water pollution, land contamination, habitat protection and climate change to sustainability, energy efficiency, waste minimization and use of renewables, our environmental lawyers know the importance of properly navigating environmental issues and risk mitigation for successful business operations. Now, more than ever, businesses cannot afford to ignore these issues as non-compliance can lead to criminal liability (both corporate and individual) and significant financial and reputational issues.


Clients can depend on both short and long term insight regarding any issue. After all, while a legal issue may be resolved today, clients must live with the results for years to come. Bearing it in mind, Sion Advogados offers clients a pool of expertise and experience that few other law firms can match, commercial lawyers handle all aspects of contractual work, from drafting to negotiation, supporting our national and foreign client day-to-day operations and tackling specific projects. The firm regularly draws up standard terms for clients as well as bespoke agreements for more complex transactions and advice on the key aspects of such contracts, including warranties, indemnities and limitations of liability. Sion Advogados is experienced in assessing the issues and ensuring that our clients understand the risks involved, as well as preparing legal documentation to address these issues.

Real Estate law

The global real estate market is growing in terms of complexity and sophistication. Investors, corporations, asset and fund managers, and financial institutions in the real estate sector need a legal team able to offer strategic transactional support on a cross-border basis. Sion Advogados in one of the few global law firms with the experience, skill and depth of resources necessary to deliver a high-level of service to real estate sector participants. Our team provides legal acts for clients across the full range of real estate, including insights and advices of the real estate law, acquisitions and dispositions, tenancy, location (including build to suit) mergers, land subdivisions, real estate guarantees, real estate bondage, advice on real estate transactions and urban development matters.


Sion Advogados mining team advises on all aspects of mining transactions and project development for domestic and global clients with mining interests. Clients rely on our comprehensive understanding of the mining industry and the critical business issues that face industry participants to help them successfully achieve their goals. The firm offers trusted counsel to our clients and assists them in achieving their financing, acquisition, governance and strategic goals in a practical and efficient manner. Mining sector clients rely on Sion Advogados to deliver creative legal solutions throughout the ups and downs of a cycle, enabling them to capitalize on opportunities, as well as to navigate through hostile situations to outcomes that maximize shareholder value. Mining companies and other industry players rely on our help to resolve all manner of high-risk, complex and sensitive mining disputes in court proceedings, administrative processes, and arbitrations. Our experience encompasses dispute-resolution regimes and investment treaties applicable to mining interests, including: regulatory compliance, exploration, surveying, mining and surface rights (including permits and licenses), assessment work, mine construction and operations, liens, mine and mining claims ownership, expropriations, aboriginal title, mining operations, proceeds from mining and closure and rehabilitation plans.

Corporate and M&A

With its complex and evolving requirements, corporate governance is a critical concern for management, directors and corporate stakeholders. Sion Advogados’ Corporate Law team provides advice to all types of company, including private and public companies, on their corporate routines, as well as on the structuring, negotiation and implementation of businesses and corporate organization. Our mergers and acquisitions practice is built upon four pillars: technical excellence, global reach, industry knowledge, and full-service capabilities; these resources, taken together, allow us to provide our clients with world-class support on their transactions. Sion Advogados offers to our clients the most qualified advice on audit and compliance procedures, planning, structuring, negotiation, and implementation of acquisitions and dispositions, investments, exchange or combination of equity interests or assets, organization of partnerships, joint ventures or strategic alliances, structuring and implementation of corporate restructuring, capturing and using synergies resulting from mergers and acquisitions, as well as any form of corporate restructuring.



The industry is one of the pillars that sustain the Brazilian economy. It's responsible 22.7% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The industry has a direct interface with Brazil and others countries, because the largest industrial park in South America is located in Brazil. The manufacturing industry increased in the accumulated of 2013 and returned to expand in the end of 2016 foreshadowing, thus, the strengthening of the Brazilian economy.


Embraces the processes, activities and services which objectives are the extraction and finance exploitation success of the minerals substances stored in mineral deposits. It is a key activity for the social, economic and financial development of contemporary societies. In Brazil, the mining sector stands out through attraction of investments, guaranteeing a very positive impact on the national trade balance. According to the Federal Government, Brazil will invest R$ 350 billion by 2030 in the mining sector. An amendment concerns the possibility of a new regulation standard for the Sector.


Energy Sector in Brazil – Which is the Biggest energy market in Latin America – has several sources to generate energy, mainly hydroelectric, thermal, wind, and solar. The basis of the generation of energy in Brazil is formed by a hydrothermal power system with predominance of hydroelectric (approximately 93% of the total amount of production) being the remainder composed of thermoelectric generation. The Country has great potential to increase the actual production and almost a half of the consumed energy is provided by renewable sources – which is also the highest average of industrialized countries.

Heavy Construction

This economic area is gaining more prominence in the national scenario, especially with the expectation generated by the discovery of the “Pre-Salt Reserves”. Mainly linked to the production of oil and natural gas, the sector demands strategic and globalized action, focused on planning, results and high risk control. Heavy Construction embraces the implementation of building works ranging from houses to highways, airports and other infrastructure projects. The construction sector achieved in 2010 the best performance in the last 24 years, with a growth rate of 11.6%. Brazil experienced a contraction to the construction sector in 2015 and 2016, but growth rates improved at the beginning of 2017, pointing to a year with increased investment intentions and strengthening of the sector.


Material flow management is the key activity of this Logistics sector, which includes the transportation and storage of inputs and products, connecting them from the point of production to the point of consumption or export. Logistics modalities include, among others, Ports, Railways, Highways and Slurry Pipelines. Due to the enormous territorial dimensions, Brazil has converted in a focus of investments that aims to make possible to deliver the country's growing production.


A sector of metal industry which is dedicated to the manufacture of steel and cast iron, used as inputs for infrastructure buildings, construction industry, capital goods and consumer goods, both domestically and abroad. It is also one of the oldest industrial activities of the world and Brazil is the 12th largest direct exporter of steel in the world, with a steel plant that accounts for 29 factories.

Oil & gas

The Brazilian oil & gas sector attracts many investments, especially after the discovery and exploration of the pre-salt reserves, which now account for more than 50% of the country's oil and gas production. According to industry agents, the demand for oil is expected to reach its peak until 2040, which would lead to the need for a boost in oil & gas activities in Brazil. In this sense, Sion Advogados has an in-depth expertise on legal advice related to the exploration and production of oil, gas and its by-products on the environmental and regulatory issues inherent to the sector.

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